Broad City The Show

Broad City Episodes You Cannot Miss!

Broad City season 1 and 2 have 20 episodes in total, and all of them are a great delight! Let’s go over some of the episodes that you cannot afford to skip!
Please be aware that there are some spoilers ahead! Hence, if you want you can simply note down the season and episode numbers and watch them without reading the synopsis!

Season 1 episode 5 – Fattest Asses
In this episode Abbi figures out that she’s been very nice to everyone and Ilana feels that she’s been working way too much! Hence, they decide to attend a fancy party at Soho. While they are there, Abbi snorts some cocaine from a youngster, and both the girls and up going home with a couple of obnoxious DJs!

Season 1 episode 6 – Stolen Phone
Ilana and Abbi have been trying hard to find some date-worthy guys on the social media portals. Lost and frustrated, they venture into the real world to hook up with some attractive men.
Result – they end up in a bar where Abbi is perceived as a hot girl who doesn’t like texting back. She ends up losing her phone. On the other hand, Ilana runs into her sexual soul mate, who, to her dismay is into improv.

Season 1 episode 8 – Destination Wedding
Ilana, Abbi and Lincoln try to attend a wedding outside of the city, but end up facing obstacles at every step. What more, Ilana gets extremely jealous when she gets to meet the other friends of Abbi.

Season 2 episode 2 – Mochalatta Chills
This episode features Ilana getting into a hiring spree and recruiting an army of free-of-cost interns at her office in Deals Deals Deals. What’s the job of all these new interns? To do the jobs that are expected from Ilana!
Abbi on the other hand is feeling excited about finally training a client at her fitness center Soulstice, but sadly it turns out to be a person who is her least favorite.

Season 2 episode 3 – Wisdom Teeth
It’s time for Abbi to get rid of her wisdom teeth, and Ilana steps up to the mantle of caring mother as Abbi’s real mom is unable to help her. Ilana’s idea of taking care of Abbi is making a small green smoothie for her so that she gets sedated and doesn’t experience any pain. What’s funny is that she leaves Abbi unattended after feeding her that smoothie. The result - Abbi ends up at Whole Foods along with a completely new friend!

Season 2 episode 5 – Hashtag FOMO
Trey, a trainer at Soulstice hosts a party and Abbi goes to it along with Ilana. Both friends end up crashing several parties all through the night in order to ease off Ilana’s FOMO (fear of missing out!).