Broad City The Show

Ilana and Abbi’s Secret

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the two protagonists of the popular sitcom Broad City are pretty frank about how their show made them a household name. Both of them openly talk about everything and anything ranging from their on-screen roles to how women are faring in the field of comedy.

Although they chose to use their real names as the names of characters on the show, the decision resulted in them getting into awkward positions on many occasions. When their fans would meet them in real life, they’d expect them to be leading the same kind of carefree life as portrayed in the sitcom. Which actually is not the case!

Their combination is often compared to another popular duo of the highly watched sitcom “Girls.” In the opinion of Ilana Glazer, the public thinks that all women in their 20s are the same!

Both these women credit the great success of Broad City to their sincere efforts at targeting niche audiences, right from the time when their web series became a huge success.

Before Broad City became a huge success, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer used to work day jobs in the field of search engine optimization and social media. Ilana’s work profile at Deals Deals Deals in the show is actually based on the job she used to do at Lifebooker. Being extremely digital savvy, both these women were able to specifically target women of their age and reach out to the right people from the entertainment industry.

They got to know each other at the Upright Citizens Brigade and launched Broad City in the form of web series in the year 2009. When they started out, not many people watched the show on YouTube. Even a few likes/views were good enough to encourage them to continue with their efforts. Their main success came once they started actively promoting the series on the Facebook.

Despite the fact that Comedy Central developed the Broad City show into a full-fledged television series, and aired it’s first and second seasons in 2014 and early 2015 respectively, Ilana and Abbi roots are quite intact in the online platform.

As the Broad City show grew popular with time, their audiences also matured and so did the Internet. Both Abbi and Ilana took active part in writing the series, and worked together hand-in-hand to get the right kind of creative juices flowing!

On the whole, Broad City is an extremely entertaining show that has a mass appeal not just for women in their youth, but for people of all age groups and walks of life.