Broad City The Show

How Critics Rated Broad City Season 1 and 2

Once the season 1 of Broad City was complete, many critics stepped in and made an observation about how the series went. On the whole, season 1 of the show received pretty favorable reviews, achieving a handsome score of 75/100, based on the reviews submitted by 14 popular critics.

Furthermore, season 1 received a phenomenal rating on the popular review portal Rottentomatoes, with 96% people rating it as ‘Certified Fresh!” The consensus on the website was that the Broad City show had an uncommonly fine pedigree right from its excellent lead actors, clever writing to talented producers.

Karen Valby from the Entertainment Weekly described the show being weirdly sweet, deeply weird and having amazing comedy value.

Carolyn Framke, a popular critic on The A.V. Club wrote that the show was completely worth watching despite the fact that it was treading the same path that other shows had taken earlier. In her opinion, the series is self-possessed at all levels, right from the first episode. Furthermore, The A.V. Club website named the Broad City season 1 as the second best television show of the year 2014.

The show was called ‘Sneak Attack Feminism’ by the Wall Street Journal, and their famous critic Megan Angelo repeated what Abbi Jacobson, the protagonist of the Broad City had said earlier, that anyone who watches just one of the episodes may not find a big message in it. But if he/she watches the entire series, he/she’d know that it does have a very powerful and empowering message for all women.

Despite the fact that season 1 of Broad City debuted with excellent reviews, it garnered only around 914,000 viewers during its first few episodes.

The season 2 received comparatively better reviews than the first, for example, Meta Critic indicated that it promised ‘Universal Acclaim’, having scored 89/100 by them. Rotten tomatoes rated the second season 100%, with all of their critics agreeing that the season 2 was being led by two of the funniest women on television. They considered the vibrant chemistry between the two protagonists as something which lent a great amount of authenticity to the show’s chaotic and enlightening style of comedy.

The popularity of the second season can be gauged from the fact that a college student named Daniel Podolsky had to be removed from Southwest Airlines flight as the gate attendant noticed his T-shirt flaunting the message – “Broad Fu***ng City” (the * were replaced by actual letters on his t-shirt!). He pleaded guilty stating that the T-shirt was given as a hand out to him at the Comedy Central’s South by South West (SXSW) event in Austin!